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Hi there

I guess you're here because you're on a journey and searching for something. Happiness, a meaningful life, peace of mind - however you may call it. Am I right? And it's challenging, isn't it?

I know that because I'm on the same path. Do you agree that life is simply too short, giving your happiness in the hand of random chance and living life passively, becoming the victim of external forces? Probably. Same for me. And that's why we both, you and me, started this exciting journey.

So, fate permitting, we meet each other along the way and walk it together.

Who I am

My name is Uwe Scharrer, and at Stoic Buddy, I'm the founder, developer, designer, marketer, and customer support. Thanks a lot for checking Stoic Buddy out! If you want to blame someone for terrible design, missing features, typos, or anything else that you don't like, it's on me. Very uncomplicated.

I haven't studied philosophy, so I can't impress you with old greek terms, but I'm a Stoic practitioner. An average Joe who tries to master Stoicism and live a happier life led by virtue. I'm searching for a flourishing life, a meaningful life, and a life where obstacles or setbacks are not holding me back but feeding my flame to grow with and through them.

Your Stoic Buddy - Uwe

My journey

I started my Stoic journey in 2019 and soon made progress. I thought differently about my circumstances and the everyday events that disturbed my mind. Something has changed. I was calmer than ever before and realized I had found something powerful.

But still, I struggled with getting started and maintaining Stoicism as my life's philosophy. That's why I created Stoic Buddy - to make Stoicism as easy as possible to practice.

What Stoic Buddy can do for you

What I want Stoic Buddy to do for you is two-fold:

  1. To empower your practice of Stoicism.
  2. To offer it in an accessible way.

In Stoicism, nothing comes easy. It requires commitment and effort but creates freedom, happiness, and serenity. Basically, Stoicism shapes our character, reframes our thoughts, and improves our actions.

Stoic Buddy provides the tools to do this while also making it easier.

My vision, to which I'm totally committed:

Make Stoicism accessible and easy to practice for everyone. Therefore, helping as many people as possible flourish as human beings and live happier lives.

Stoicism is a journey of self-discovery where Stoic Buddy will provide the necessary fuel for you.

I can't wait to walk the way to happiness and peace of mind with you!

Thanks for reading.

Your Stoic Buddy - Uwe


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