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The path to a happy life is full of obstacles and setbacks. Stoicism can help, but practicing it is often difficult and overwhelming.

When you genuinely want to benefit from Stoicism, you must think for yourself and apply the teachings to your own life.

This is not a passive process; you can't simply read books or quotes and expect them to change your life.

To reap the benefits of Stoicism and reach eudaimonia - a happy and fulfilling life you must:

  • actively engage with the material
  • figure out how to apply it to your situation

With Stoic Buddy, this becomes easier. Let's go on the path together.


Stoic Buddy helps people shape their character and build their inner strength to deal with life's circumstances with reason and wisdom, living the good life they deserve.

Watering plants to flourish as a human being.

Flourish as a human being

Find serenity and peace of mind regardless of your circumstances
Gain inner strength and resilience
Actively shape your character, becoming a better human being
Have clarity about your emotions and who you are
Keep the reins over your state of mind in your own hands
Become wiser
Finally, flourish as a person and live the happy life you deserve

It's not a quick life hack; it's a philosophy of life.

The truth about practicing Stoicism

It seems easy at first, but the truth is that Stoicism isn't easy to practice.

Breaking with old thought patterns and life-long conditioning is hard work but absolutely worth it.

It will take effort. You can't simply imagine your way to inner peace. It will take your body and mind - habits, actions, thoughts, and mindfulness - to progress.

Even Stoic Buddy can't do the work for you, but we have all you need to lower your effort on this path.

Think about it this way: Stoic Buddy is your Leatherman for your life as a Stoic.

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What You'll get

Stoic Buddy App Screenshot: Exercises - Overview Over The Exercises Page On Mobile

Stoic exercises that'll improve your life

Learn the theory, practice what you've learned, reflect on it, learn from your mistakes, and finally, create your own way of doing it - adapted to your personality.

Take notes on each exercise and learn what went well, what went wrong, and what you can improve.

That way, you'll make progress - step by step.

Stoic Buddy App Screenshot: Tasks And Habits - Plan Your Daily Stoic Tasks Or Habits You Want To Establish

Apply what you learn

To-do list and habit tracker

Create a task list to plan your day, or create your own habits and keep track of them. This will help shape your behavior and, thus, your character.

Simple Counter

For some exercises, it's helpful to count how often you've done a specific task. Use our thing counter to monitor how many times you've completed it — seeing the results can help you stay motivated.

Stoic Buddy App Screenshot: Community - Chat With Other Stoics

Create deep connections

Get in touch with fellow Stoics through our chat functionality.

  • Discuss concepts, techniques, and exercises
  • Share your experiences
  • Find new friends
Stoic Buddy App Screenshot: Trigger - Where You Work With What Triggers You Emotionally

Gain new insights about yourself

"...but those who do not observe the movements of their own minds must necessarily be unhappy."

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 2.8

We all experience events that trigger us emotionally. Strong emotions can be challenging to manage, and it's important to take steps to deal with them healthily.

Once you've identified your triggers, you can track them in our trigger section. Give it a name, write about it, and write a mantra you can use to counter that trigger the next time it occurs.

You'll be surprised how life-changing this knowledge about yourself will be.

Stoic Buddy App Screenshot: Home - Your Daily Starting Point

Master your (inner) life

"Who is your master? He who controls those things which you seek or shun."

Epictetus, Discourses 2.2

Develop mastery over your own life by controlling your desires and aversions, setting yourself free from unconscious and automated behavior.

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Easy and fast access on all your devices

You can access Stoic Buddy on any device with an internet connection - including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones - without requiring separate apps for each platform.

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